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GEOPlus is at the pinnacle of the industry
  GEOPlus provides geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, geologic, groundwater resources, materials engineering, construction inspection and materials testing services.  GEOPlus was created by three registered professionals and long time business colleagues:  Geotechnical Engineer, Corky Metcalf, Engineering Geologist, John Finnigsmier, and Hydrogeologist, Bill Bergmann.  Support personnel include staff engineers and geologists, and engineering technicians.  Our office and laboratory facilities are located in Anderson (Shasta County), California.
hydrogeologic evaluation
Finnigsmier has managed numerous projects and clients as well as performed the full spectrum of project related duties.

GEOPlus mission is to provide quality consulting services to our clients through effective, feasible and economical solutions based on sound engineering principles and processes.  We focus on understanding our clients needs, desires and project goals.  As professionals we also assist our clients in selecting service levels commensurate with their risk tolerance.  Finally, we strive to elevate the standards of our practices and become the consultant of choice.
GEOPlus is at the pinnacle of the industry
GEOPlus, Inc
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Bergmann has been in responsible charge of the construction of many production and test wells and has conducted and analyzed numerous automated aquifer performance tests, including analyses for SB610 sustainability studies
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