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Traver E. Metcalf, Jr., PE, GE

  William Metcalf of GEOPlusCorky has over 28 years of progressive experience in the geoscience and construction materials fields.  He has directed and performed geotechnical studies for projects including residential subdivisions, commercial and retail developments, industrial processing and manufacturing facilities, schools and hospitals, water and waste water facilities, pipelines, dams, power generation facilities, roadways, and bridges.  Corky has also performed environmental studies for property transactions and site assessments.  He has served as responsible engineer-in-charge during construction of projects including earthwork and grading, asphalt concrete, concrete, masonry, mechanical anchorages, and structural steel.  Corky has performed forensic studies to assess cause(s) of failures and presented strategies to mitigate impacts to features including fire-damaged structures, floor coverings, pavements, slopes, and structure affected by soils-related problems.  He has prepared and/or revised laboratory standards for the Bureau of Reclamation and ASTM.
  John Finnigsmier, PG, CEG
  John Finnigsmier of GEOPlus

John has a broad range of experience in the geoscience consulting business.  His emphasis has been geologic and geotechnical characterization, risk assessment, and mitigation of regional and site-specific geologic conditions pertaining to slope stability, faulting and other seismic hazards, engineering characteristics of rock and soil, and groundwater resources.  In addition to expertise in engineering geology and geotechnical engineering, he is also experienced with various facets of construction materials testing and inspections, and environmental engineering.


With nearly 20 years of consulting experience, John has managed numerous projects and clients as well as performed the full spectrum of project related duties.  His project experience varies from very small to very large scale projects such as emergency landslide assessment and repair, large hillside grading projects, reservoirs and impoundment basins, power generation and transmission facilities, underground cables and pipelines, roads and highways, bridges, schools, commercial and industrial centers, water and wastewater treatment facilities, civic buildings, and groundwater resource projects.


William R. Bergmann, PG, CHG

  William Bergmann of GEOPlus

Bill has more than 25 years of experience in the environmental, water resources, and geological engineering fields.  He has planned and directed hydrogeologic evaluations for residential and industrial developments as large as 3,500 acres.  He has been in responsible charge of the construction of many production and test wells and has conducted and analyzed numerous automated aquifer performance tests, including analyses for SB610 sustainability studies.  Bill has also performed Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments for industrial, commercial and residential developments.  Additionally, he has performed CEQA initial studies, and peer reviews for environmental impact reports (EIR).  He has assisted concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) with design, permitting, and groundwater monitoring.  In addition, he has extensive experience with spill prevention control and countermeasures plans, erosion control plans, storm water pollution prevention plans.

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